Tuesday 02 February 2021


The French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE), along with Pépite France, is the winner of the French Future Investments’ Program (PIA) award. Launched in 2015 by the French General Investment Commissioner (CGI), the nationwide program focuses on three key pillars:


  • Pillar 1:

Promote digital tools related to entrepreneurship via short videos

With Pépite Education


  • Pillar 2:

Develop skill certificates, such as intrapreneurship and business development, in entrepreneurship and innovation in partnership with l’ANDRH (Association Nationale des DRH) and Skilvioo (a start-up specialized in skills engineering) to increase students’ value on the job market.

With Pépite Skills


  • Pillar 3:

Continue developing the national student-entrepreneur status.

With Pépite Starter



  • Offer student-entrepreneurs access to an early-stage accelerator, called Pépite Starter.
  • Offer student-entrepreneurs access to a coworking space in one of the 30 PEPITE centers
  • Connect student-entrepreneurs in a national network via a collaborative platform
  • Increase funding for student-entrepreneur projects with interest-free loans through Initiative France and crowdfunding with platforms like KissKissBankBank and Ulule. Furthermore, fortify connections with France Business Angels, Business Angels des Grandes Écoles and similar organizations.
  • Student-entrepreneurs can also benefit from the In Extenso Group’s expertise: receive business creation advice (Point C) and access to certified public accountants and legal experts.


Pépite France also strives to develop a relationship between the national PEPITE network, student-entrepreneurs and companies.


Key figures

  • 120,000 students reached in 2016-17  | + 4000 student-entrepreneurs in 2018-19 | In 2016/17, 30% of student-entrepreneurs were female (vs 21% in 2014-15) | + 700 registrations in 2016-17, of which 500 were companies
  • 76 projects accelerated at Station Following the Pépite Starter program
  • 31 PEPITE centers in France in 2019 | Quoted more than 300 times in the press | 50% of young people want to set up their own business