Higher education in France

Lundi 12 novembre 2018

In France, you can choose to study in Universities which offer programs in all disciplines or « Grandes Ecoles » which are selective schools and offer specialized top-level trainings to the students. (i.e engineering schools, business schools, Architecture veterinary schools, etc).

The Higher Education System in France is based on the European educational system called BMD (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate).

It can be defined as follows:
  • An organization around 3 degrees: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Doctorate (PhD)
  • A course- and semester-based organization (1 year = 2 semesters) validated by ECTS (European Credit* Transfer System) / 1 semester is equal to 30 ECTS

*Credits represent a work-load including lectures, tutorials, internships, home work, projects, stays abroad etc.

The framework is based on course credit transfer allowing common recognition by any French or European university:
  • A Bachelor's degree (3 years of study) = 6 semesters validated by 180 ECTS.
  • A Master's degree (2 years of study after the Bachelor's degree) = 4 semesters validated by 120 ECTS
  • A Doctorate (3 years of study after the Master's degree) = 6 semesters validated by 180 ECTS

Note: there is no systematic equivalence between foreign and French diplomas or degrees. When applying in a French university, the holders of a foreign diploma must also apply for the equivalence. Only the host institution is entitled to assess foreign diplomas.


Masters degrees


Doing a master in english

The Université de Toulouse offers a wide range of masters programs in different areas including multidisciplinary courses.

> Download English taught master's degrees


Do a PhD in Toulouse

A PhD in the Université de Toulouse is a 3 year contract with the university, an enterprise, a research institution or a local authority. It consists of a scientific project developed among an internationally renowned research laboratory. This scientific work is supervised by a qualified professor and the thesis can be fully written in english.

More informations : A PhD in France? Do it at the Université de Toulouse!


Other programs

For more information about the courses of the University of Toulouse, please consult our website:


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