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Lundi 04 mai 2020

All the processes implemented by the Crous



Every physical desks are closed until further notice.

The Crous recommend to every international students able to do it, to leave their room and to go back to their home country.

If you decided to leave your room only for a short period of time or forever, or if you decided to stay in your room, you have to let the Crous know about your decision by sending an email to:

(the email has to include your name, first name, date of birth, residence’s name, building and room number).

If you decided to:

  • leave your room for a short period of time: you will not have to pay for the month of April. 
  • leave your room without planning to come back: you will not have to pay for the legal 1-month period of notice. 

If you need to contact your residence by phone or by email, please consult the contact list.



Eight vending machines providing complete dishes have been installed in different residences and two vending machines providing fresh bread have been installed at Daniel Faucher and INSA residences. 

To know exactly where are those vending machines, please consult the location list

Be careful: those vending machines only accept credit/debit card and Izly payments.

All the Restaurants Universitaires and other Crous’ catering solutions are closed until further notice. 



If you find yourself in a situation of social distress, please do not hesitate to contact the Crous’ psychological service. 

You can contact them either by phone: 05 61 55 41 70 or by email: PRISM1@FREE.FR

If you struggle finding the money to buy food or first necessity goods, you can complete this questionnaire. A social worker will then contact you an propose you some solution such as a first necessities voucher that you can use at the supermarket. 


For more information regarding the Crous, do not hesitate to visit their English help page.

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