Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier

The Université of Toulouse serving one and all

The University of Toulouse is a structure that groups together 22 higher education and research institutions in the Academy of Toulouse.

Along with its members, its ambition is to raise the profile of the university site as a whole to the highest international academic and scientific levels, and to provide welcoming living conditions for French and foreign students and researchers.

A leading multidisciplinary campus

The wide portfolio of courses on offer can be divided into four main areas: Arts, Humanities and Languages, Law, Economics and Management, Human and social sciences, Science, Technology, Health and Engineering sciences.

Wide-ranging academic excellence

The University of Toulouse gathers many research and Higher Education Institutions throughout the Occitanie region. Over 100.000 students are enrolled in its 22 higher education member institutions and 7 research organizations.

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Fifteen doctoral schools of high repute

The 15 Doctoral Schools are part of "L'École des Docteurs". Altogether, over 5000 PhD students can carry out their studies thanks to the top-ranking training programs in an extensive range of subject areas and to complementary job-oriented seminars/workshops aimed to develop the skills required for a successful professional integration. Learn more

An attractive living environment

Situated between the Méditerranean and the Atlantic, in the heart of Southern France and close to the Pyrénées mountain range, the Occitanie region has long been a major crossroads in Europe. Attracting 15 000 newcomers every year, Toulouse, the capital of the region which has been fast growing both demographically and economically, boasts a particularly rich vibrant cultural and artistic heritage.

Student life in the city

Many services and facilities are designed to help the students get easier access to accommodation (regional guarantee system), benefit from cultural events, improve their language skills...