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Make your student life easier

Moving out of your accommodation

Giving notice before moving out, claiming your deposit back... Moving out of your accommodation involves a series of formalities. Take a step-by-step approach!

Giving notice

You can decide to terminate your rental agreement at any time, provided you give your landlord notice of one month (in Toulouse) and up to three months in other towns. You will need to send your landlord a letter by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt..

Exit inventory

You fill this in with the landlord on the day you move out and any damage observed is noted down. When you move out, the accommodation must be in the same condition as when you moved in and carried out the incoming inventory. Since June 2016, the exit inventory must take into account wear and tear due to age and normal use of the accommodation.

Claiming back the deposit

To be entitled to receive your deposit back, the incoming and exit inventories must be identical. If this is the case, the landlord has 1 month in which to pay your deposit back. If this is not the case, this time frame is extended to 2 months.

Important: if any damage is observed, the landlord will be entitled to ask you to cover the cost of any repairs to the accommodation, with a quote or bill to substantiate such repairs. You are only liable for certain types of damage: holes in the wall, lack of general upkeep.


Cancelling your contracts and subscriptions

Before you move out of your accommodation, you will need to cancel the contracts you took out with various providers.

  • Cancel your contracts, subscriptions and utilities, phone and Internet accounts;
  • Terminate your home insurance contract: by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, with a copy of your exit inventory.

Before you call utility companies to cancel your contracts, remember to make a note of the readings on any meters.


Your CAF account: you can notify a change of circumstances or address online or by contacting a member of the CAF team at the Accueil - Welcome Desk, making sure you have your CAF membership number with you.

Not sure what to do with your furniture? There are associations that may come and collect items of furniture and offer them to other students! For more information: need furniture.