Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier

Collective projects for students

To guarantee a warm welcome and a high-quality academic experience, University of Toulouse has developed a range of services and schemes for students. These collective projects cover all the key areas of student life, including courses, healthcare and culture.

Welcoming and integrating students

University of Toulouse is committed to welcoming and supporting students in the best possible conditions, thanks to a range of innovative schemes and services:

  • The Accueil - Welcome Desk, a single port of call for students and researchers in Toulouse and its region, offering the chance to carry out all your formalities in one place.
  • The Toul’Box offers service packs to help students arriving in Toulouse to settle in and find their feet.

This initiative was rewarded with the “Bienvenue en France” label, an endorsement for French higher education institutions that make efforts to welcome international students.


Student Week

Since 2006, University of Toulouse has organised Student Week in Toulouse and its region during September and October. This inter-university festival aims to help students settle into the region by offering a hundred or so free events in a variety of fields: culture, sport, intercultural exchanges, associations, etc.


Student life

Healthcare: inter-university service for preventive medicine and the promotion of health (Simpps)

The Simpps is the first point of contact for students with regard to healthcare and prevention matters. Present on campus, this medical and welfare service is exclusively reserved for students. Appointments are confidential and no fees are asked for up front. For more information and to make an appointment consult the Simpps

Culture and scientific culture

University of Toulouse works alongside the cultural departments of its institutions to provide students with easy access to culture. To this end, it has built numerous partnerships with cultural institutions in Toulouse. More information

It also works to disseminate scientific culture via, among other initiatives, Explorer events and the European Researchers' Night - a key event held every year in September. More information

Student initiatives
University of Toulouse and its institutions provide support to students to help them carry out their projects, both collective and individual. Materials and schemes to get a project off the ground, obtain funding and advertise the project are available to students.



Overview of courses offered
In partnership with the Occitanie Regional Council, University of Toulouse has put together an overview of courses offered, to provide you with direct access to more than 900 diplomas offered by University of Toulouse and its institutions. Consult the overview of courses offered (in french).

Research institutions

Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute (ANITI): University of Toulouse offers thesis and post-doctoral opportunities in artificial intelligence through ANITI. This institution focuses on mobility and transportation, and robotics/cobotics for the industry of the future. Find out more about ANITI, Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute.

University Schools of Research: In the framework of France’s “Investment in the future programme” (PIA) 3, two EUR projects championed by the University of Toulouse have been selected. These university schools bring together master’s and PhD courses backed by one or more high-level research laboratories.

Engineering courses with Toulouse Tech it Easy : The Toulouse Tech it Easy website aims to boost the visibility of engineering courses among foreign students. This space offering information and guidance supports students looking to sign up for an engineering course. More information on Toulouse Tech it Easy [Lien manquant]

Language classes: To learn a language or improve your language skills, the University of Toulouse offers classes and total-immersion courses in French as a foreign language (FLE), English and other modern languages (Chinese, Spanish, German, etc.). More information on language classes offered


Network of university libraries

The library network contains nearly 2 million documents available for consultation and innovative media offering students easy access to digital and paper resources. Linked to the University of Toulouse, the Inter-institutional documentary cooperation service (SICD) helps to build up, extend and coordinate the network of university libraries within the Toulouse education authority.


Improving quality of life on campus

Toulouse campus opération
To offer a warmer welcome to students, teachers and researchers, and help improve quality of life on campus, University of Toulouse is overseeing a vast project to modernise its campuses in Toulouse. A total of 18 projects are being managed, running up to 2023. All operations are being carried out in the framework of the eco-campus initiative.

Eco-campus initiative
Eco-campus is an initiative that seeks to continuously improve the environmental performance of Toulouse’s institutions and campuses. University of Toulouse demonstrates its commitment to this initiative by carrying out awareness-raising actions, providing information and communicating about sustainable development and social responsibility within higher education, for example through the Sustainable Development competition, which encourages and supports sustainable development projects on the campuses.