Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier

Finding a student job

Some useful links to find your student job.

La Mairie de Toulouse recruits animators throughout the year

CRIJ Occitanie

Le Centre Régional d’Information Jeunesse (Regional Youth Information Centre) provides a platform for job offers, mainly composed of student jobs. All young people can apply for the jobs offered, with no age limit.
The CRIJ also provides information on employment in general, housing and career guidance.

The Crous de Toulouse Occitanie

Find a student job compatible with your studies on the Locaviz website brought to you by the Crous
You must have student status to access the employer’s contact information. To prove it, you must register beforehand on the Messervices website and fill in your Student National Identification Number (INE).
What if you don’t have an INE number, because you don’t attend an institution attached to the Ministry of Education or because you come from abroad?

You must send the Crous a proof of enrolment in a higher education institution:

  • pre-enrolment certificate
  • enrolment certificate,
  • report card
  • student card
  • internship certificate
  • vocational training agreement

Good to know:

By registering on Messervices, you can also use the service Lokaviz (student housing centre.)