Renting a room in a private home

Monday 07 June 2021

For information and useful websites about renting and finding a room in a private home.

Renting a room in a private home: how does it work?

You will have a room in the home of a private individual, and you will share the kitchen and bathroom with them and their family. The conditions will vary depending on the landlord: some also share the communal living spaces, while others prefer not to.
What are the benefits?
•    the rent is usually lower;
•    you won't have to pay council tax or the TV licence;
•    you are eligible for CAF housing benefits.
Generally speaking, you will pay a fixed sum covering utilities (electricity, gas and water).
Before signing a rental agreement, make sure the conditions provided suit your needs. Read through the rental agreement carefully to make sure all the services and clauses are mentioned.

Finding a room in a private home

To find a room in a private home, you can consult the following websites:
•    To swap your room with another student: swapandstudy and troctachambre
•    for classified ads of rooms for rent: Roomlala
There are associations which can also help you find a room with a “host family”, taking into account your needs:
•    Moving to the Toulouse area: it costs €150 to be put in touch with a host family.
•    AcTIF.


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