Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier

Day-to-day assistance

The Regional centre for academic assistance (CROUS) and the Local disability agency (MDPH) are your main points of contact for all aspects of your day-to-day life: housing, catering, financial assistance and transport.

Housing and catering


If you live a long way from the place where you intend to study, you can send a housing request to the Crous during your last year of college or high school. The Crous has rooms and accommodation that meet the standards for people with a disability.


The university catering services are also managed by the Crous. A broad range of dishes are available, meaning that most people are able to put together a meal that suits their needs. If this is not the case, you should contact the Crous to draw up an individual solution.


Financial assistance

MDPH allowances: the disability allowance and disabled adults allowance Disability allowance (PCH)

The PCH is a monthly allowance calculated according to your needs by a department of the MDPH, the CDAPH. It covers your needs in seven areas:

• Human assistance • Technical assistance • Animal assistance • Specially adapted vehicle (your own vehicle or that of your parents) • Home and transport • Specific expenses • One-off expenses.

Please note: the MDPH has two divisions: children aged 0 to 20, and adults aged 20 and above. When you move from one division to another, you will need to update your file, at least 8 months before the deadline.

Disabled adults allowance (AAH)

The AAH is paid to people with a permanent disability rate of 80 % and above, or between 50 % and 79%, if the CDAPH considers that the disability in question constitutes a substantial, long-term obstacle to employment.


If you are unable to use public transport due to your disability, your transport costs from your home to place of study may be reimbursed. To be eligible for this, your disability must be recognised by the CDAPH. If you qualify, your expenses will be paid by the local services in your place of residence. Find out about the procedure in place within your department.