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Register: admission and tuition fees

To enrol in higher education studies in France, you must hold the French Baccalaureate or an equivalent French or foreign certificate. Find out more about admission requirements and procedures according to your situation.

You hold or are preparing for the Baccalaureate and you wish to enrol for the first year in a higher education institution? You are already a student or have already been enrolled in a higher education institution?

UFT provides you with an online help tool dedicated to the study process of future students or students. Through this search form, you can select items that correspond to your personal situation and get a personalized answer in a few clicks on the legal procedures to enrol you for an UFT Community Member institution (migration procedures, application procedures, required language level, contacts, etc.).

It is a free non-contractual information service, which aims to make visible the various existing information and procedures to enrol in post-bac training accessible in initial training, provided by the Community Members of the Université fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées.