Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier
Make your student life easier

Contribution to student and campus life

Students enrolling on an initial training course need to obtain proof that they have paid the Contribution to Student and Campus Life (CVEC) in order to finalise their registration. Find out more about this mandatory scheme.

The Contribution to Student and Campus Life is a legal requirement and the corresponding fee is collected by the Crous service. The funds collected are used to develop useful day-to-day services in your higher education institution and your local Crous, by:

  • offering students better access to healthcare on campus, and an up-to-date prevention policy;
  • promoting welfare support;
  • supporting your initiatives;
  • helping students get involved in a sporting activity on campus;
  • bringing art and culture to life within higher education institutions;
  • improving the way students are welcomed.

A mandatory step in the higher education registration process

Once you have been offered a place on the course of your choice, you will need to pay the CVEC before you carry out administrative registration formalities with the institution. Depending on your personal circumstances, you will either be required to pay the fee or be exempt from payment.

In both cases, you will need to obtain proof that you have paid / are exempt from the CVEC, and show it to the higher education institution in order to finalise your registration.

► To obtain your statement, go to the CVEC website..

Special cases

You are registering for several courses during the same academic year: you only have to pay the CVEC the first time you register.

You have a student grant:you are exempt from paying the CVEC.

You are not required to pay the CVEC if:

  • you are registered on a higher education course in a training college (BTS, DMA, DN MADE technical and art/design diplomas, etc.);
  • you are a vocational training student (including professional training contracts);
  • you are an international student enrolled on an exchange programme.

More information: CVEC, a mandatory scheme